No Hood, No Dogs, No Food, No Drink EP

by Echo Pressure

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No Hood, No Dogs, No Food, No Drink EP – Release Date September 17th 2015

Zygmunt Day & Echo Pressure follow up last year’s full-length, “On Streets That Know,” with their new Ep, “No Hood, No Dogs, No Food, No Drink”. The band, which also includes drummer Joe Hyam, guitarist Giancarlo Grasso and bassist Nathan Kerntiff, recorded the EP in Madrid at Mr. Soul Estudio with engineer David Hyam, Joe’s cousin, in the heat of July 2014.

Once again, the band’s music addresses the difficulty and hopefulness of the UK’s current way of life. This time the band embraced more streamlined arrangements than the folk/drone of their debut album, drawing on rock, samba, disco and jazz rhythms. The new sound was made possible by the wealth of equipment available at Mr. Soul Estudio – a fully functioning Hammond organ and Leslie speaker, Wurlitzer and Rhodes electric pianos, a Yamaha upright, a beautiful vintage Gretsch drumkit and a wealth of guitars, basses, amps and microphones.

The playing on the record showcases the newfound tightness of a band with a years’ gigging and practicing under their belts, capable of fleshing out Zygmunt’s songs and adding nuance to the arrangements. Given a professional environment in which to record, the band were able to stretch their wings and push their sound into new places, which can be seen in the expansiveness of “Find A Way Back Over” and the ever-shifting arrangement of “There Was A Person”.

“The idea for these songs is that they would be long, but constantly changing in small ways, so that the same part is never played with the same arrangement twice,” says Zygmunt, “our aim was for the songs to evolve, so that by the end, they have arrived somewhere different from where they began – but are recognisably still the same. This reflects what they’re about – being caught in a constant way of life, but longing for change, thinking about it from different angles, and trying to make your peace, whether with the past, the present or the future. “

“That said, there is also a song on there about pulling your best friend’s ex-girlfriend and having to cancel the holiday you were due to go on together because it’s too awkward now.”

The EP also features two spoken-word tracks recorded by Zygmunt in London, and once again features saxophone parts by Joe Murgatroyd, including the bonkers solo on the full-length version of “Mr. Sol,” and backing vocals from Sophie Jamieson.

The EP was mixed by Tim Kramer and Zygmunt, and mastered by Mike Hillier.


released September 18, 2015

All songs written by Zygmunt Day
Tracks 2,3 and 4 arranged by Echo Pressure

Recorded at Mr. Soul Estudio in Madrid, Spain by David Hyam in July 2014
Additional recording by Tim Kramer & Zygmunt Day
Mixed by Tim Kramer & Zygmunt Day
Mastered by Mike Hillier

Echo Pressure is Zygmunt Day, Joe Hyam, Giancarlo Grasso and Nathan Kerntiff



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Echo Pressure England, UK

DIY band from London



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